About Wind Thin Tree Service Inc.

We're an Oregon-based corporation established in 2000 with the goal of providing the highest quality tree service at reasonable prices. As our company grows, we will continue our commitment to excellence by providing our customers with quality tree care and sound arboricultural advice.

Dustin T. Marchello

Meet Dustin T. Marchello, ISA Certified Arborist

Dustin began his career in Arboriculture in 1998 when he used skills he learned from a favorite hobby- rock climbing. When an arborist asked him to work whrh him one Saturday. Dustin said, "he climbed a tree to prune it, and i thought, "Wow, thats cool," i fell in love with it"

Beginning as a groundman and working his way up through the ranks to sales rep, his experience ranges from fine gardening in Las Vegas to the Bellagio, to Climbing the tallest palm trees at the Mirage. He's also volunteered his time with tree clean-up after hurricanes in Louisiana and storms in Colorado. In Portland no for over 11 years Dustin says, "once I visited Portland, I knew instantly it would be home. Coming from a desert environment i fell in love with the trees, and especially the rich, urban tree environment Portland has to offer. I want to be a part of keeping that environment healthy and growing."

Dustin is dedicated to working with clients, educating them along the way. "People really like that I answer question about their trees," he says. "I'm genuinely excited to do the work, and I thing it shows."
Besides being a certified arborist, Dustin is a licensed applicator and equipped to diagnose and treat ailment affecting plants and trees.

Tree service

Continued Education and Safety

Through continuing education, we will grow with our community and continue to enhance our customers' landscapes using the newest techniques in the tree care service industry. We hire only honest, trained, knowledgeable personnel in order to provide our customers with unmatched customer service. Whether working on public roads or at a private residence, we conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We will maintain a safe working environment for our employees as well as the public.

Customer-Focused Staff

Customer satisfaction and the desire to do quality tree work is our foundation and driving force. We are passionate about the services we provide and strive to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers and employees. We embrace the notion that every individual employed by Wind Thin Tree Service Inc. be part of our team. By working together as a cohesive unit, we ensure our employees' satisfaction and the success of our company.

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