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Detailed Permitting Information

Your tree work may require the permission of the city you live in. To find out permit details for your city easily, Wind Thin Tree Service Inc. has compiled links from cities in our service area below.

Permit Links

Lake Oswego

Happy Valley

A permit is always required for work on trees in the right-of-way. Whether or not the tree can be removed follows another process. Our code requires that trees in the right-of-way be dead, dying, or diseased before they can be removed. If it is clear that the tree is dead, engineering can allow the tree to be removed and replaced. If the tree’s health is in question, an Arborist Report is required to make the determination. If the tree is on private property, generally there is no permit required. However, there are overlays in the city (Willamette Greenway, wetland conservation, etc.) that have different rules, even on private property. A quick call to engineering will let you know if the property in question is in one of these areas. Send us an email at or call 503-786-7606.

Oregon City



West Linn:
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