Accurate Ornamental Pruning

One of our main objectives at Wind Thin Tree Service Inc. is to promote proper pruning techniques. It is essential to prune trees when they are young to train them to grow properly and resist structural defects. Unfortunately, many trees are simply overlooked and are left to grow wild. Many of these trees develop weak limbs and are often damaged from wind and storms. Corrective pruning allows for these trees to continue growing safely and efficiently by removing dead or damaged limbs and improving the structural integrity of the tree.

Ornamental pruning is used to enhance the health and beauty of your trees. Keeping aesthetics in mind, we will remove extra limbs and foliage to reveal the structure of the tree. We allow extra time to assess the individual needs of the customer and of the tree. We will work with the customer to carefully consider the desired outcome.

Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing techniques are used to increase safety in weak or damaged trees, and ideally, prolong the life of the tree. Trees and branches subject to cabling and bracing are those that pose a threat to people or property. Since the equipment involved in these processes is typically expensive and time-consuming, cabling and bracing is typically only used for high-value trees.
Tree bracing

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