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"Matthew and his team were fantastic in dealing with a very large maple that fell in my back yard. He was knowledgeable about insurance claims and getting the tree and stump out to minimize any further damage. He was always timely and available for advice when it came to replanting in the same space. He is up to date on the latest in planting techniques and because of that was able to replant a much larger tree. Getting it to the backyard would have proved a challenge to traditional planting methods because of the layout of my space. The new tree has been in over a year and is thriving. Best of all, you could tell everyone on his team loved trees and mourned the loss of the old one and were excited for the growth of the new."
- Mary Fox

"Only excellent service and professionalism from this company. I have used their services on a number of occasions, from simple pruning to major tree removals involving crane work. Curt and his crew are efficient, respectful, extremely competent, fair, and tidy. I recommend them to anyone seeking professional tree work."

- Google user

Tree service

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